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General Information

: Taxodium ascendens
: Conifer
: National Champion
: 1/23/2014 Map: View
: Lake : Public
: Seminole State Forest, Lake Tracy West parcel
: 28.98181 : -81.48602

Measurement Information

: 84 : 77
: 244.8 : 95
: 4.5 : 360
: 1/22/2014
: New Nomination
: Ralph Risch, Biologist II, SSF, FFS

: Excellent (Vigorous, healthy)

Nomination Comments

Most foliage is typical pondcypress, w/ awl-like leaflets (needles) adhering to and near parallel to leaf stalk on all sides; however, some leaves have flat sprays of compressed leaflets as per baldcypress (Taxodium distchum). Knees are few and small. Habitat is far from either flowing water or large lakes, being the edge of a small swamp surrounded by former pasture land that used to be mesic or wet flatwoods, with scrub nearby. Crown is not columnar, as is typical for pondcypress, but the likely great age of this tree (and lack of light competition) may be causative of this spreading-crowned growth form.

Nominator Name: Mr. Ralph G Risch
Owner Name: Florida Forest Service

Phone: 352-360-3677



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