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General Information

: OAK, Swamp Chestnut
: Quercus michauxii
: Broadleaf
: Florida Champion
: 2/26/2013 Map: View
: Columbia : Public
: Tree is in the central portion of Resource Management Zone 4F, roughly halfway along length of South Tram Road between Last Take Out and Tram Central (0.50 mi. west of access road connecting South Parking Lot to South Tram Rd). Approximately aligned with north-south fenceline defining the eastern boundary of the Progress Energy Substation OUT, the tree is about 500 feet north of the South Tram Rd, roughly halfway between the Tram Rd and the bluff defining the southern floodplain of the Ichetucknee River. Consult attached map locator.
: 29.9564 : -82.7776

Measurement Information

: 131 : 113
: 193 : 143
: 4.5 : 366
: 11/30/2012
: New Nomination
: Stanley Shepard

: Fair(Mature, declining)

Nomination Comments

Large hollow at base of tree likely from heart rot disease; very large detached limb on south side of tree; wound from broken limb at base of crown; crown thinning.

Nominator Name: Mr. Samuel Cole
Owner Name: Florida Division of Recreation and Parks

Phone: 386-497-4690



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